• Peter J. Strauss, J.D., LL.M., attends Harvard Business School

    Peter J. Strauss, J.D., LL.M., recently completed Unit II of Harvard Business School's Executive Education Owner/President Management Program (OPM) in September. Last fall Peter completed Unit I, of this intensive three-unit format that takes place over three years onsite at Harvard Business School. Each unit is designed to expand your expertise in eight key areas - strategy, finance, marketing, negotiations, global markets, leadership, entrepreneurship, and operations and technology. 

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  • Peter J. Strauss, speaks at The American Institute of CPAs® (AICPA) 2017 Engage Conference.

    The AICPA is the world's largest member association representing the accounting profession, with more than 412,000 members in 144 countries and a history of serving public interest since 1887. Participants include CPAs, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Bank and Trust Officers, Investment Advisors and Insurance agents.  The AICPA sets ethical standards for the profession and U.S. auditing standards for private companies, nonprofit organizations, federal, state and local governments.

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  • 7th Annual Captive Owners Meeting – The Strauss Law Firm and Hamilton Captive Management – March 2017

    The annual meeting allows for further education, insight, and opportunity for Captive Insurance Company Owners.

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  • The Strauss Law Firm Attorney earns his Associates in Captive Insurance

    The Strauss Law Firm team would like to recognize Matthew Brosman for completing his Associates in Captive Insurance (ACI) Program through the University of Vermont’s International Center for Captive Insurance Education  (ICCIE.)

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  • Matthew Brosman Passes Bar

    Matthew Brosman, Associate Attorney at Law, has officially passed the South Carolina Bar Exam and was recently admitted to the Bar in May of 2016.

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  • The Strauss Law Firm team has hired Matthew Brosman as its new Associate Attorney.

    Matthew Brosman joined The Strauss Law Firm in April 2016.

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  • Buzz Words in Estate Planning

    At the beginning of the decade, when the focus was on accounting principals and shareholder reports, Wall Street made the phrase "Fuzzy Numbers" famous. As people grew tired of yet another financial scandal and sought out entertainment, the focus turned to athletes, performance enhancing drugs, and Congressional Hearings. "Misremembering" was the humorous term of choice shouted from the top of Capitol Hill down to every cocktail party in town. Lately, "Credit crunch," "Bailout," "Over Indulgence," "TARP," and "Personal Responsibility" have become vogue...

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  • The Strauss Law Firm Appoints New Director of Client Services

    The Strauss Law Firm, led by Peter Strauss, Attorney at Law, would like to announce that Jodi L. Leto was promoted to Director of Client Services effective January, 2016.

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  • The Bahamas: An Insurance Gateway to the World

    THESE DAYS IT SEEMS THAT EVERYONE is talking about captive insurance companies, what they are, why the Bahamas (one of the oldest jurisdictions), is quickly becoming the jurisdiction in which to license your captive insurance company.

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  • "The Definitive Guide to Captive Insurance Companies"

    This book, the second by Mr. Strauss on the topic of captive insurance companies and currently ranked #1 on in it's category, provides readers with true insight on the key sophisticated planning techniques used by small business owners who are implementing captive insurance companies. "The Definitive Guide to Captive Insurance Companies" will provide readers with the ability to reduce income taxation; increase cash flow; self-insure; protect personal and business assets; and enhance estate planning.

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